RE: [Emerald] Odd Problem

Brad Teague ( )
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 14:31:21 -0500

Finally! Someone else found it.

I hadn't seen anything on this in the mailing lists, and we had been having
this problem for quite a while. It was extremely peculiar. I have reported
it to IEA and have spent over 4 hours on the phone with them on it over a
series of phone calls and finally we concluded that it is a bug of some sort
and Shawn filed a bug report with Dale and the other programmers and they
are going to look into it. I would suggest calling IEA (if you have a
support contract) and speaking with Shawn about it directly since he will
surely remember this little bugger. That, and/or email him through

We did find a temporary work-around, that works most of the time. You
probably want to get with him on this. Plus, he could do a little bit more
trouble-shooting to determine if you are having the exact same problem for

Brad Teague
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> Subject: [Emerald] Odd Problem
> We have our reports out on a network file share. I created the invoices,
> then wen't to print the invoices, I got an error saying that the reports
> could not be found.
> The network path displayed in the error message was the correct path and
> filename of the invoice report. When I went to START -> RUN and typed in
> the network address, I was able to pull up the network that had the
> reports
> in it. Everything looked correct.
> In the Emerald Admin, I do have it set to only allow clients to use Global
> reports. When I go to the Invoices section of Emerald, pull up an invoice
> number, and click print, it pulls up the invoice no problem - right from
> the
> network share.
> The only time I have the problem is if I click the 'Print' button from
> within the batch session. Then, suddenly, it can't find the network
> share.
> Ideas anyone?
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