RE: [Emerald] Cancelling service and giving refunds

Leah Bilan ( Leah@TDI.NET )
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:59:18 -0400

Here at TDI we strictly have a policy of NO refunds. Even yearly accounts
do not get refunds back. It works out perfectly for us and I always stick
to my guns with this. It takes to much time for us to even think about
refunding days that weren't used and we offer tech support 7days a week and
it helps defer costs with the no refund policy. If a customer decides to
cancel their account and is half way through it, we just mark in master tab
they canceled, remove any credit card info and let emerald turn them off
automatically when no payment it recorded for the next month. Same goes for
the yearly account, and we dearly love this feature that allows us only once
to edit a customer and hit save and are done with everything. No going back
and figuring out anything and wasting more of my secretaries time.

TDI Internet Inc.

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> I may have figured out a way around Emerald's lack of assistance with
> this, but am not sure yet. What I have started doing is figuring out the
> refund manually, then creating a new invoice in the master tab. The
> amount of the invoice should be negative whatever the refund amount is.
> After this is created, you can pay the invoice just as you would pay a
> normal invoice, and create a payment receipt for both your records and a
> copy to go to the customer. In the daily payment records, this does show
> as a negative amount toward your gross income for the day. Don't forget
> to let the account expire according to whatever the customer's last day of
> service is; you will have to manually adjust this. Hope this works for
> you; I think it's working for us.
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> On 6/9/99, at 4:20 PM, Brad Teague wrote:
> >Emerald doesn't do this very well does it?
> >
> >So far, we haven't determined a very good way to be able to cancel an
> >account, give a refund to the customer, and have emerald track any kind
> of
> >accounting data that we can use.
> >
> >How is everyone else handling this? Is anyone doing this? If so, how?
> >I'm just wanting to know how everyone else is handling refund situations.
> >More specifically, situations where when someone cancels you charge them
> a
> >cancellation fee and then give them the remainder of the money for the
> >period they paid for.
> >
> >Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Brad Teague
> >Networks Plus