Re: [Emerald] Cancelling service and giving refunds

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 16:50:41 -0400

I may have figured out a way around Emerald's lack of assistance with this,=
but am not sure yet. What I have started doing is figuring out the refund=
manually, then creating a new invoice in the master tab. The amount of=
the invoice should be negative whatever the refund amount is. After this=
is created, you can pay the invoice just as you would pay a normal=
invoice, and create a payment receipt for both your records and a copy to=
go to the customer. In the daily payment records, this does show as a=
negative amount toward your gross income for the day. Don't forget to let=
the account expire according to whatever the customer's last day of=
service is; you will have to manually adjust this. Hope this works for=
you; I think it's working for us.

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On 6/9/99, at 4:20 PM, Brad Teague wrote:

>Emerald doesn't do this very well does it?
>So far, we haven't determined a very good way to be able to cancel an
>account, give a refund to the customer, and have emerald track any kind=
>accounting data that we can use.
>How is everyone else handling this? Is anyone doing this? If so, how?
>I'm just wanting to know how everyone else is handling refund situations.
>More specifically, situations where when someone cancels you charge them a
>cancellation fee and then give them the remainder of the money for the
>period they paid for.
>Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.
>Brad Teague
>Networks Plus