Re: [Emerald] rebatch behind the scenes .... ?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 10:31:55 -0500

Alexander Blauvelt wrote:
> > > What exactly does emerald do database-wise when in the batch window i
> > > click "re-batch" on an cc invoice that failed ? I'm working a script
> > > and I need to know what this does so I can batch a group of cc invoices
> > > again.
> >
> > It sets the corresponding entry's TransType to 7 in the ExternalTrans
> > table. Emerald will change that to 8 after its created a new
> > ExternalTrans
> > entry for the invoice.
> Thanks for the info, I needed that info for an script that will
> automatically update credit cards that have expired. The idea is to bump
> them up a year and try it again, and so forth. We used to do this by hand
> when on the old system of typing CC's into the machine. This isn't as
> clean as sending an invoice for each expired card, but imagine if you will
> 7000 CC customers, divide that by 12 months and the # of cards that expire
> that year and suddenly you have a lot of invoices to send out every month
> on expired credit cards. We'd like to see emerald have some way at
> guessing what at an expired credit card's new expiration date would be.

Not anytime soon. The above is illegal. When someone gives you a
credit card/expire you can NOT change or update that information without
thier consent. Yes, its a pain, but you'll get your account yanked by
most ACH firms if they catch you doing this.

The next major release of Emerald will include an email notice to users
whos credit cards are going to expire BEFORE you process them, with a
interface to allow them to update it without your intervention. It will
also have means to handle declined credit cards in the same manner.


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