Re: [Emerald] Where should I start?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 10:23:41 -0500

> Glen Rushing wrote:
> I am new to this list so forgive me if this is a repeat question...
> I have downloaded Emerald2.5 and RadiusNT from IEA, and SQL Server
> demo from Microsoft..
> What is the best steps to follow to get all three pieces of software
> up and running for a complete Evaluation?


1) Install SQL Server

2) Install Emerald/Admin on a machine (doesn't have to be the SQL
but if its not, make sure you install the SQL client first).

3) Use the Emerald Admin to connect to your SQL Server and create the
database. Then you can use the Emerald Admin to configure Emerald,
including your RADIUS clients and such.

4) Install RadiusNT on a machine (doesn't have to be the SQL Server).
Define an ODBC DSN pointing to your SQL Server/Emerald database, and
use the RadiusNT Admin to configure RadiusNT to use that ODBC DSN.

As a side note, the Emerald25.exe file is all you need to download.
It includes Emerald, Emerald Admin, RadiusNT, EmerAuth, and Reports.
You can use that file for steps 2 and 4, just select the correct
components during the install.


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