[Emerald] Zero Dollar Invoice Amts.

Greg White ( GWhite@bctelco.com )
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 13:23:58 -0700


I saw mention of this problem on the list, but found no resolution. We have
3 machines on our network running the Emerald client. They are all running
2.5.278 with CR 7. Prior to that, they were all running 2.5.262 (I think).
We have one machine on our network that doesn't print out invoices
correctly. It prints a $0.00 total for any invoice. These same invoices
print fine from the other machines. The machine with the problems
originally was running CR 6.0 (and it exhibited the same behavior), so we
upgraded it to match the others. The others had fresh installations of CR

There was also some previous mention on the list about CR doing wierd things
with multiple subreports. Is this still a problem, and could it be causing
the behavior we see here?

Thank you,

Greg White
ISP Network Administrator
Beavercreek Cooperative Telephone Company