RE: [Emerald] The billing problem is back!!! V 2.5.287

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Tue, 08 Jun 1999 08:37:59 -0400


We went through the same thing with our monthly of $25 going to the Annual=
at $200
In the old ver of Emerald, it works out on the invoices but simply does not=
work now because of the 2 decimal places it is rounding to. It will never=
work out this way any more.

We are currently using 2 versions of Emerald to get this looking correct=
for the customer.
New version for everything but invoicing annuals. Old version for annuals.

The other thing that you could try is to put in a static charge for all=
your annuals.

Hope this helps.


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On 6/7/99, at 11:02 PM, Todd Hutchinson wrote:

>So can you tell me what numbers to put into term discounts to get the
>number we want? 14.95 monthly, then 12 months 149.00.
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>Todd Hutchinson wrote:
>> I know that this doesn't work and that it has and hasn't worked=
>> past. I think what you are saying is that you know it doesn't work my
>> question is when WILL IT WORK!? Also how do we get into the beta=
>> mail list. We have a small enough group of users that we can work on=
>> site after 1am and not kick people off.
>I'll rephrase this. Emerald 2.5.283 and higher is numerically correct
>in how it creates invoices. Yes, the final amounts on the calculations
>might not be what 2.5.278 and lower where creating, but in those cases,
>2.5.278 was creating incorrect invoices with incorrect amounts. As I
>have stated many times, this is NOT something that is broke, its a fix
>for something that *WAS* broke.
>There isn't really a beta group right now. I've been sending some
>information to the 2.5 beta group, because the list is still there,
>but its a closed list right now. Probably next month we will be
>looking for 3.x beta testers, so keep your eye open on this list.
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