Re: [Emerald] SQL Server having problems!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 18:00:50 -0500

Darin Spence wrote:
> Sheryl had helped me remove a Platypus installation months ago.
> In investigating my space problem, I just noticed in the e:\mssql\data\
> directory there is a file called PlatDevice.DAT that is 2GB Big!!! There is
> also a PlatLog.DAT that is 512MB big!!!
> We are having all kinds of problems trying to save incidents because it says
> the database is full or something. Does anyone have any idea if the
> PlatDevice.DAT and PlatLog.DAT can be deleted? Will that FREAK OUT the SQL
> Server? I check my Devices and Databases and they are no where to be found
> through Enterprise Mgr. (I think I looked in the right places, maybe not).

SQL 65 doesn't delete the Physical files. If it IS running and using
then you won't be able to delete them. If you can delete them, then you


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