RE: [Emerald] HOW TO!

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Fri, 28 May 1999 11:55:35 -0500

> Situation 1
> If I have a customer that pays monthly, and I decide to trade
> them for something, how can I credit this to their account
> without making it look like a payment. I need to credit them for
> a specific number of months of access, and then I want Emerald to
> start billing them again.

Either issue a Credit with the Master | New adjustment from the MBR window..
and then an invoice which will be nulled by the credit...

Or just change the expire/paid thru date.......

> Situation 2
> We discount our service for annual payment. If someone cancels
> their account within that time, we prorate their service back to
> the normal monthly charge without discount and refund any
> difference. How can we do this in Emerald? Currently we go back
> and void the annual payment and pay it monthly til the cancel
> date. This is not the correct way. We have only done this for
> lack of a better or correct way.

Since I do not use Emerald for income reporting I have not figured out how
to do this one yet... except manually changing the info...