RE: [Emerald] Open Letter to see how we can get our Emerald to work

Jeffrey Stevison ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 May 1999 14:46:22 -0500

Why should I pay for support to fix their own bugs in their app, that's the
craziest thing I have ever heard. If I was having a setup problem, or
something like that, but when it's their own bugs?

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>Any ISP should understand this growth pattern/challenge as its the
>exact same for their business. We are working hard to staff up to
>provide better support for our products.

And doing a damn fine job, I might add. Both Sean and Kurt (full time
support techs at IEA, for those who haven't called and PAID for support
recently) are utmost professionals with the knowledge needed to support the

Folks, this is a VERY horizontal app -- it has a limited market at best, a
max of some 5,000 customers, with competition from many angles and many
potential customers who refuse to look at NT-based solutions. That makes
it EXPENSIVE, and that means support as well as purchase.

I was always against buying support for such apps, but after buying the
upgrade assistance package from IEA, I feel that the support costs are well
deserved. My guess is that most people bitching about (lack of) support
are in fact bitching about lack of FREE support.

Voice support is available for Emerald and RadisuNT. It isn't free, but
it is GOOD, and it is worth it. It is *not* on this list, however. If
you're trying to make this list your primary outlet for support, then
you're going to be disappointed, and for no good reason.

Call IEA Software during business hours, and BUY a support contract or
single incident support (if available -- I'm not sure). For something
*this* mission-critical, why in the blazes WOULDN'T you be willing to cough
up for support? Just because you paid $2500 to buy it? Sorry, nobody
said unlimited voice support was included....

My 2 cents, plus tax. Keep it up, Dale. You're definitely hiring the
right folks.