[Emerald] MBR/Services/Login/Radius - Attribute Discrepancies

Albert Churba ( Albert@dialisdn.com )
Sat, 22 May 1999 11:36:53 -0400

This appears to be a bug in Emerald version 2.5.261.

Platform: NT40/SP4, SQL 7.0
All of the SQL daily scheduled maintenance plans complete without error,
therefor database consistency appears correct.

A large portion of our profiles have defined radius attributes for
sub-accounts. The first attribute is typically User-Service Framed-User
(AttribID 6, ValueID 2). When sub-account radius attributes are displayed
the attribute value pair is not displayed correctly. It is almost as if the
SQL query returns the wrong data. The data that is displayed is AttribID 6,
ValueID 1 (Login-User) BUT the Attribute (text words) indicates Framed-User.
I though that this was cosmetic and was disregarding the wrongly display
information. I have now seen that if any modification to the radius profile
is made, the ValueID of 1 is somehow written along with the updated record.
This error causes the login attempt to fail, thus a support call to be
answered. I have seen the same behavior with other User-Service ValueID

Depending upon the installed versions of Internet Explorer i.e., 4 or 5, the
radius attributes for a sub-account will not be displayed the second time a
sub-account login is viewed. Example, search for a login with the accounts
screen, then double click on the desired login. This will open the MBR on
the services tab under the general tab for the selected login. Next select
the radius tab. At this point the first item above comes into play with
incorrectly displayed AttribID and ValueID for the first entry. In an
attempt to refresh the display, highlight the login under the services tab
and click the Edit button, then move to the radius tab and the display is
BLANK no defined attributes!

These problems are not isolated to any single workstation, but appear on all
working installations of the Emerald client.

Please advise.