Re: Fw: [Emerald] Need Help with ServerID Problem

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 May 1999 09:38:58 -0400

From: RedConnect Admin <>
>The updated admin did fix the problem as you indicated and the serverport
>tab is now correct, again thankyou for rectifying that. Just as a side note
>and not related, after loading our existing database the upgrade script
>reported two "arithmetic overflow" errors which we had not previously seen.
>After reviewing all the data the only items that appear to be missing are
>the radius attributes for each service type ie: user-service, framed
>protocol etc.... were missing off our custom service types. The default
>service types like PPP have their attributes intact, obviously this is
>easily fixed for us by simply adding the attributes to the services types.

Each time I re-transfer my 2.1 database over to my testing machine, I run
the 2.5 update script from within Emerald Admin. After that, I have to run
a couple scripts that fix some database problems. One of them fixes the
problem that you mentioned; another fixex all of the balances; the last
changes some null values to 0.00. Before running it, you might want to do a
"select *" from each of the tables referenced just to see what you've got.
This puts all of the data back where it belongs. There are differences in
keys and/or constraints between the "old" tables and the "new" ones (before
running this script), but I don't know which one is supposed to be correct.
So far, I haven't run into any problems running the following:

delete from radatconfigs
insert into radatconfigs
(accounttype, radattributeid, radvendorid, radvendortype, data, value,
select accounttype, radattributeid, radvendorid, radvendortype, data,
value, radcheck
from radatconfigs_old

delete from radconfigs
insert into radconfigs
(AccountID, RadAttributeID, RadVendorID, RadVendorType, Data, Value,
select AccountID, RadAttributeID, RadVendorID, RadVendorType, Data, Value,
from radconfigs_old