Re: [Emerald] PROBLEMS....HELP!

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 May 1999 17:53:43 -0400

From: PowerNet <>
Now, I downloaded 2.5.285. We can use all of the buttons without shutting
down, the batch does not change CC to renewal, but it calculates our annual
customers bill incorrectly.
The scenario is:
We charge $25 per month for unlimited.
We charge $200 per year for unlimited.
For this to calculate correctly prior to 2.5.285 we set an annual pay period
in administrator for 12 months at a 33.3333% discount and it worked
Now 2.5.285, with no other changes is calculating that at $200.04 instead of

We've got discounts for annual and semiannual payments for some of our
accounts also, but are not running into the problem you are. Our numbers
are coming out perfect (Emerald 2.1.11 was off by about 3 cents).

Annual discount: 20.8417% off
semi-annual discount: 16.6667% off

The annual discount is based on paying for 9.5 months and getting 2.5 free.
The percentage was modified very slightly from 20.8333 to make the totals a
bit more "even" after calculating.
The semi-annual discount is based on paying for 5 months getting 1 free. No
modifications were made to this.

24.95/month paying annually winds up being 237.00
19.95/month paying annually winds up being 189.50

24.95/month paying semi-annually winds up being 124.75
19.95/month paying semi-annually winds up being 99.75