Re: [Emerald] Dumb Question

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 May 1999 13:54:03 -0400

From: John Roman <>
>I would like to know what there monthly charges are in detail form.

Charges c
InvoiceItems ii
Invoices i
Payments p
MasterAccounts ma

ma.customerid = i.customerid
i.invoiceid = ii.invoiceid
ii.paymentid = p.paymentid
ii.itemid = c.itemid

The next Renewal invoice created for an MBR with a previously created
Charge, will have that charge linked to it (assuming it wasn't already
linked with an older invoice).


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>John Roman wrote:
>> How can I get Emerald to print out a current list of all customers
>> their monthly charge with out it having to be when the bill is due.
>> I need to match up some records and would like to be able to print out
>> all customers and the charges associated with them
>Do you want a list of their current due, or what their monthly charges
>are? Do you want the charges in summary or detail form?
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