Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 May 1999 09:48:46 -0700

RedConnect Admin wrote:
> And we responded telling you the verson weeks ago and had not had a response
> since (refer to the mail archive). Just so we can be quite clear on what you
> are telling us the Error we are receiving does not in any way affect the
> operation of the software. Even after upgrading our existing database this
> error still occurs. We can veiw the servers, re-port, save etc. but the
> error always appears and all fields on the form are blank after clicking
> okay on the error dialog box and entries in these fields are not possible.

Yes, that is correct. Its a problem with the Admin, and has not
correlation to your database.

> We have deleted and recreated the servers and still get this error. So
> should deleting and adding the servers fix this error?. If the tab is not
> required at all why would it be included in the interface at all?. With or
> without data, as an upgrade, as a fresh install, deleting and adding servers
> still gives us the same error. We don't believe this error should be here
> after loading our existing data and performing the upgrade procedure isn't
> this where Emerald should create the information. If you read the details of
> all our emails you would have seen our attempts to load with and without our
> existing data the serverports information is not being created for some
> reason.

I guess I didn't sense the "urgency" of it, because I knew that it
cause any problems, and didn't rely that to you. Sorry about that.


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