[Emerald] Re: Call Consolidation

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 May 1999 21:55:21 -0700

> Ed and Kathy Tate wrote:
> >
> > We are running Radius NT 2.5 and Emerald 2.5.261. I am unable to run call
> > consolidation and my disk is almost full again. Last month I had to
> > truncate the whole table because I couldn't resolve the issue and now we
> are
> > almost full again. I do not want to lose another months worth of records.
> >
> > When I run update calls from the database administrator nothing ever
> > happens.

As a side note to this. We found out a problem when doing QA on the
about to be released Emerald 2.5 update, that the instindx.sql script
was NOT being ran during the update. Everyone needs to execute that
script against their Emerald 2.5 upgraded database. This drammatically
affects consolidation and several other key performance issues. If
you have any questions about this, please let us know.

The script can take from a couple seconds to over an hour to run, based
on the size of your calls table. It will not hurt to run the script a
second time if you are unsure whether it was ran against your database.
Its also a good idea to run the checkdb.sql script after running the
instindx.sql, as it will update the statistics.

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