Re: [Emerald] Billing

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 14 May 1999 14:12:41 -0700

Charles Tomala wrote:
> Actually there are some problems with entering customers in such a manner.
> We have found that with over 2500 MBR's that have been entered that there
> are times when Emerald will issue incorrect charges to customers, often
> entering a pro-rated charge for service through the BilledThru date
> irregardless.

There where two issues in 2.5.260 that encompass this and what you note
below. Both have been fixed in the 2.5.285 update.

> In addition there is a billing problem when adding new services to existing
> customers. To copy from an earlier message to Dale last week:
> "For example: An invoice printed (last week) shows accounts expiring 5/7/99
> and listing charges for service through 7/30/99 (an additional POP box).
> Yet under 'New Charges' the same service is shown twice, once showing full
> amount of $5 and then again with the pro-rated figure of $2.67. What is odd
> is that both of these lines had the quantity printed as two and thus the
> total amounted to $15.34 or more than three months of service for what is in
> fact just under that. The listing of the pro-rated figure twice under
> 'Quantity' seems to be causing the problem."

It was charging the period one more than it should.


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