RE: [Emerald] Credit Cards revert to Renewals

Leah Bilan ( Leah@TDI.NET )
Wed, 12 May 1999 22:06:57 -0400

I had this same experience with emerald and paid a $250 phone call to
support with Sheryl and still to this day waiting for a reply to my
We did revert back to .227 because of this problem.

TDI Internet Inc.

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> Subject: [Emerald] Credit Cards revert to Renewals
> We are running Emerald 2.5.261 and have run the most recent scripts on the
> FTP site. I read on the list to do this. We ran credit cards today and it
> reverted all credit cards to renewals, and also charged accounts that were
> inactive with no outstanding balances, and MBR's that had a "0" listed to
> not charge the card. Any ideas on what to do next? I never have seen an
> updated Emerald. If there are updates, how will I know they work without
> waiting until next months billing?
> Chris Christopher