[Emerald] How to setup RadiusNT with MegaPop

James Martin ( james@ficom.net )
Wed, 12 May 1999 17:43:16 -0500

In case anyone else would like to know. The following are the steps I used
to setup RadiusNT to work with MegaPop.

Steps to setup MegaPop with your Radius.

In RadiusNT Admin:
1) Check "User Proxy", "Authentication" and "Accounting"
2) Save the changes

In Emerald Admin:

1) Click on Configuration->RadiusNT
2) Click the "Servers" tab
3) Add each "Server", "IP Address" and "Secret" agreed upon with MegaPop
and ignore the rest of the fields. ("AutoProxy" should be set to none)
4) Click the "Roam Servers" tab
5) Click "Add"
6) In the "Server" filled enter a name. (I used MegaPop)
7) In the "IP Address" field enter a unused local IP Address. (I believe
Dale said it did not matter what IP Address was used as long as something
was entered)
8) In the "Secret" field enter the radius secret.
9) Check "Treat as Local" and "Strip Domain".
10) Click the "Roam Domains" tab.
11) Click "Add"
12) In the "Domain" field enter the domain you will use. (If user will
login as user@domain.com then you would enter domain.com)
13) In the "Roam Server" field pick the "Roam Server" you entered in Step 6
14) Restart Radius

That is the way we have our Radius setup and it works great so far. Our
MegaPop customers login as myuser@mydomain.com. MegaPop sends all users
with @mydomain.com to our Radius server. Our Radius server strips the
domain and looks for "myuser" in the database and if found allows them to

This only works with a certain version of RadiusNT and I am not sure what
that is right this minute. Check with IEA Support to find out which version
of RadiusNT is the correct one for this.

Thank You,
James Martin, MCP
System Administrator
First Internet Communications, LLC
(931) 455-8611