Re: [Emerald] Error: Could not connect to SQL database Emerald

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 May 1999 12:44:22 -0700

"David V. Brenner" wrote:
> > Each user can have multiple connections to the SQL database.....
> That much makes sense, so I guess I need to know what constitutes a
> connection. No one is running more than one copy of Emerald at a time, so
> where does each connection come into play? Is this a case of connections
> not being closed after use or does Emerald simply require this many to
> operate normally?

Each Emerald client requires two DB Connections, and a temp third
when you print. Each RadiusNT server takes two connections as well.
Each Enterprise Manager, Isql_w, etc can take one or more connections.

So if you have two RadiusNT servers, three Emerald clients, and one
Enterprise manager open, that can be 12 connections right off the
bat. SQL Executive typically will take two connections as well.
Opps, only one left... :(


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