Re: [Emerald] Emerald and MegaPop

James Martin ( )
Mon, 10 May 1999 22:55:18 -0500

At 01:30 PM 5/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Are there not some straight forward steps documented to allow
authentication by
>> proxy. We would like to use MegaPop in conjucntion with Radius and
Emerald but
>> I have not found a way to do this without adding the suffix to the
username in
>> the Emerald Database.
>> If I check User Proxy or Server Proxy in the RadiusNT Admin and start
Radius it
>> loads the config but goes no further and will not authenticate my local
>> We are using the suffix and need to have the account as
username in
>> Emerald and not I have tried adding the MegaPop
servers in
>> Roam Servers with "treat as local" and "strip domain" checked as well
but the
>> only way I can authenticate a test user is to add the MegaPop Server in
with my
>> Servers and add the suffix to the username in Emerald. I have to be able to
>> authenticate the user without the "" being in the database.
>> in advance for your help in this matter.
>You have to do both.
>1) You MUST add the Megpop server to your Servers list. Otherwise,
>will reject the request w/out processing it.

Should "Auto Proxy" under the "Servers" tab point to "none" or to the
corresponding entry under "Roam Servers"? Does the "Port Type", "Starts at
0" etc... make any difference or the number of "Ports" and "Modems" or can
they be left alone?

>2) You need to create a RadRoamServer entry with a valid IP address, and
> strip domain/treat as local flags set (note, the IP is irrelevant,
>and it
> doesn't have anything to do with megapop). Then create a
> entry with as the domain, pointing to the RadRoamServer you
> created.

MegaPop gave me four Access Servers. This means I will have four
entries under "Roam Domains". Will this cause a problem?

>You also need to enable user proxy in the RadiusNT admin and restart

Previously when I checked "User Proxy" and restarted the Radius Server it
refused to authenticate even my local users. When I ran in debug mode it
would load the defaults and after sometime would load the clients and then
it would go no further. I had to uncheck "User Proxy" and restart Radius to
allow anyone to log on. The Radius version is 2.5.124 with a file size of
331kb and a date of 06/08/1998.

>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
>IEA Software, Inc.

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