RE: [Emerald] Backing up Emerald

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 May 1999 18:16:37 -0400

Did you see this reply from Dale earlier today? I use the SQL Transfer menu
option in SQL Enterprise Manager. ...its a slow but somewhat reliable
backup method.

> What about using the Transfer feature of SQL Enterprise Manager? We have
> scheduled transfer from our primary to backup SQL each night. Are there
> problems with this that you ran into that made you use a dump/copy/restore
> method?

Thats acceptable, just really slow. I can do a dump/copy/restore in
a couple of minutes for a 500mb database. It usually takes 30+ minutes
to do that with SQL Transfer.

I will note SQL Tranfers copies the data and structure only. This
can be a good thing if your source SQL Server has a page problem,
as the page problem will be included in the dump/restore.

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> Is there a fully documented proceedure I could get my hands on for
> backing up the Emerald's SQL Database? I'd like to know if replication
> is preferred, or just having a timed event set to push the data onto
> another machine. Depending on which is recommended, I need details as
> to exactly how its done.. step by step. Its important to us that we
> don't have Emerald fail and not have some means of recovering, or at
> least, turning up a new machine for failover.
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