RE: [Emerald] Why is the documentation for Emerald User Guide not

Blake Eitniear ( )
Wed, 5 May 1999 16:04:57 -0400

These kinds of problems make me nervous. How would I know if there are
problems in the docs for the billing and accounting section? (Not to mention
that I basically just paid all this money for a product with inaccurate
docs) What will not work when I try to run it? Am I just supposed to find
out along the way and then send off a happy e-mail to support that something
doesn't work when I try to bill?

I'm also disappointed that it took all of 15 minutes to answer this
question, yet my other posted question on call tracking data has gone
unanswered for two days (much more important, as I lose data every day). I
suppose that you just want my extra $1000, eh? Well, I just called today and
paid it so please respond to the question. You win.

Can I expect the docs to be complete this week or next? I need to train my
people with accurate documentation. If not, I'm expecting something taken
off my support money I just paid... I'm feeling duped.

Blake Eitniear

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not updated to match the screens?

The documentation is based on Emerald 2.5.224. We have issues a couple
of updates since then and are working on updating the documentation
to reflect the updates. If you find specific areas in the documentation
that are incorrect or out of date, please send that information to
support and we will try to get it fixed. Thanks.


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