RE: [Emerald] No "Time On" or "Call History" information is avail

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Tue, 4 May 1999 17:39:13 -0400

Kurt -- what happened to you?

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Actually, it turned out when I said I didn't get anything for the query you
asked me to run, it was just that -- nothing. I didn't know I had to click
the execute button to run it.

That being done, there were 486 records in the table. What do we check now
to see why the info doesn't show up in the time on and call history fields?

BTW, I did a select * on the calls table and could see usernames, connection
speeds, etc.

Blake Eitniear

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First you need to make sure you are recieving data into your calls
Lets check that out.

> Blake Eitniear wrote:
> Is this a RadiusNT config issue or an Emerald config issue or a
> problem?
> Also, if I could find answers like this somewhere (like docs, web
> site), I'd rather do that... Am I missing some big repository of
> information? I see many places in the archives where users have to run
> their own SQL scripts to do things... Is how to do this documented
> somewhere?
> Is there a 30 day guarantee on this software?
> I sent an e-mail to support but never received a reply.
> Blake

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