Re: [Emerald] Importing a calls table

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 01 May 1999 19:38:00 -0700

> David Moore wrote:
> I have killed my 2.2 on (SQL 6.5) to 2.5 upgraded version of emerald.
> Reinstalled SQL 7 and installed the production version of emerald, I
> have re-keyed all the users and wish to transport the old calls table
> and Call history, SQL 7 has the capability to export to Excel which I
> have done. I have exported the calls tables taken out erroneous
> entries and generally massaged the data.
> I had to do this because consolidation did not work at the end of each
> month. What I intend to do is copy the callshistory table from the old
> system in to the new system. This table stops in December because of
> the consolidation problems I intend to restore all of my calls records
> export them add them all together de duplicate them and re import them
> into the new emerald 2.5.
> I have noticed that generally the records start with an AcctSessionID
> of 1 and stop with an AcctSessionID of 2 some records don't have the
> corresponding start or stop record, ie have an account session of 1
> but no stop record or have a stop record but no start record if I
> import this table will I have further problems or will the
> consolidation procedure ignore the errant records.

I assume you mean AcctStatusType above, not AcctSessionID.
only looks at Stop records. Start Records are not used and generally
deleted during a nighly scheduled task in Emerald 2.5 (if you install
the tasks).


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