[Emerald] incident mailing

James Martin ( james@ficom.net )
Sat, 01 May 1999 18:39:52 -0500


I am trying to set up Emerald to mail Incident reports to the admin
address. In the Emerald Admin on the CLIENT\SMTP tab I have the domain,
smart host, Admin and billing info filled i. When I click on test mail it
returns 10 dialog boxes with the number 5 in each and the TEST MAIL button
changes from 1-10 on each acknowledgement of the dialog box. After adding a
incident to a account in Emerald and clicking SAVE I get the message
"Incident not mailed.(5)" and then the incident is saved. The Incident page
does show the Admin email address. Thanks

Thank You,
James Martin, MCP
System Administrator
First Internet Communications, LLC
(931) 455-8611