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James Martin ( )
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 17:38:04 -0500

At 02:55 PM 4/27/99 -0700, you wrote:
>James Martin wrote:
>> I have virtual domains with assigned IP addresses on one physical server.
>> The Emerald database resides on this server as well. On another physical
>> server I have MailSite installed. When I add a new domain to MailSite it
>> complains about the new domain not having a ip address and warns that some
>I'm still confused. You have the IP for the domain pointing to
>server A, and mailsite on server B? Don't you need the IP to be
>pointing to server b? Are they seperate because you are hosting
>mail on one machine and web on the machine that has the IP?

The IP addresses are on "Server A" because that is where the virtual web
servers are.
The DNS hosts file for each virtual domain has a MX
entry pointing to the default mail domain as referred to in Emerald. IN MX 10

The MailSite mail server is on "Server B" for performance reasons. It would
not be practical or possible to have all virtual domain IP addresses bound
to one physical server that houses the mail server.

>> clients may not be able to send or receive email for this account. When I
>> ran verifymailuser against the account it would not list the correct domain
>> name. It would least the default domain instead. I think I found the
>> solution though in the verifymailuser and listmailuser scripts that Rudy
>> Komsic posted to the MailSite list:
>This is because the domain of the user's group is not set
>correctly. Are you trying to enter a different email address
>in the email field than the user's login?

All users in Emerald are under one group "Dialup Users" which has the
default domain listed "". I know I can probably create a new group
with a different default mail domain, but then I will have to make a lot of
other changes as well.

>> I changed to these stored procedures and it appears to work after adding a
>> alias for the emerald account pointing to the virtual domain account. This
>> is rather lengthy but I hope it explains my problem.
>Did you add the Alias in Emerald 2.5 or Mailsite? I'm not quite
>following the alias.

I added the alias in Emerald on the "Services\Aliases and Forwards" Tab. If
I have a a entry in the Emerald Login Field named "joe" and run
verifymailuser it will return "" as the maildomain. If I add a
alias for joe of verifymailuser will return a maildomain of

What I am trying to do is come up with the simplest, most efficient means
of setting up virtual mail domains for our virtual domains using Emerald
and MailSite. I would appreciate any suggestions.

>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
>IEA Software, Inc.

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