RE: [Emerald] ONLine Setup

Brad Teague ( )
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 10:05:37 -0500

This is a good looking form. i was looking through your html though for your
form and spotted something i thought i would just point out.. almost all of
your drop down boxes are using this notation for each selection:
<OPTION Value="AZ-Phoenix" Selected>AZ-Phoenix

the OPTION "Selected" notation is for pointing out which selection will be
defaulted to when the form loads. in your case, all of them were like this
and thus, the last one loaded will be the default.

If you made the list like this:
<OPTION Value="AZ-Phoenix" Selected>AZ-Phoenix
<OPTION Value="CA-Angels CAmp">CA-Angels CAmp
<OPTION Value="CA-Antioch">CA-Antioch

then "AZ-Phoenix" would be your default selected item because it has the
"SELECTED" notation.

Just thought this might help.

NOW, if only I could see your ASP stuff for this puppy so that I could get
one working of my own :).
Is this thing working fully? or is it just emailing you the results and then
you still have to create the accounts in Emerald? I wasn't sure by reading
this email.

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> Sure, make them go through the Terms page.
> Written in ASP works fine. Sends me a email everytime them signup. ;-)
> Does anyone have the webbased signup working for Emerald? I know there
> has
> been many attempts at this.
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