Re: [Emerald] Need Help with ServerID Problem

RedConnect Admin ( (no email) )
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 13:43:32 +1000

Dale the Version is 2.5.232, I only recently less than 2 weeks ago
downloaded the full 11 meg distribution to ensure we had a fully campatible

>Dale wrote:
>Its probably a bug in the Admin. What Admin version are you using?
>You can find it from Help...About in the Emerald Admin.

>>RedConnect Admin wrote:
>> The server we are doing the upgrade on was a clean install of all
>> OS (NT4.0 SP4), SQL 6.5, Emerald 2.5 full distribution. Then we put the
>> version on to see it would help. We have also re installed a number of
>> times, 2.1 has never been loaded on this machine