Re: [Emerald] Need Help with ServerID Problem

RedConnect Admin ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 10:23:02 +1000

Dale the Version is 2.5.232, We only recently less than 2 weeks ago
downloaded the full 11 meg distribution to ensure we had a fully compatible
distribution. I know you are not aware of our skill level but we try and
debug as much as we can (including reading the manuals) before sending mail
to the list. This install has been done multiple times (6) on multiple
machines from scratch including operating system, SQL, Emerald, Radius. As
indicated above, we have the current full distributions that are on the IEA
site, we also downloaded this twice in the unlikely event of corruption. So
unless the distribution on your site is faulty, there is more to this than
old DLL's or the wrong version of a module or corrupt registry or any other
common problems usually assoiciated with users not making a sufficient
effort to resolve trivial problems.

We are under a lot of pressure to resolve this as our current system is
taking up to five hours to do a consolidation mostly due to the machine it
runs on. We have new hardware which we want to install with 2.5 on but after
a number of weeks we are still at the same point.

Your help is very much appreciated but our management is frustrated with us.

>Dale wrote:
>Its probably a bug in the Admin. What Admin version are you using?
>You can find it from Help...About in the Emerald Admin.

>>RedConnect Admin wrote:
>> The server we are doing the upgrade on was a clean install of all
>> OS (NT4.0 SP4), SQL 6.5, Emerald 2.5 full distribution. Then we put the
>> version on to see it would help. We have also re installed a number of
>> times, 2.1 has never been loaded on this machine