RE: [Emerald] Monitoring Terminal Server Ports

Kenneth D. Lenox ( (no email) )
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 06:24:01 +0900

I agree that SNMP is better, but most of the scripts in the contrib
directory our made for UNIX. I spent many hours, and other MRTG users have
also, trying to get the scripts to work with NT. Since NT doesn't have some
of the built in networking features that UNIX does, it is very difficult to
find the correct files to make the scripts work. Mainly grep, egrep, finger,
snmpwalk and such.


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"Kenneth D. Lenox" wrote:
> And that's it! If your terminal server supports "finger"(which I suspect
> most do), then this should work for you as well. I found the grep.exe file

Actually, AFAIK, only Cisco and Computone support finger. There is a
much easier and more native way to do this with terminal servers like
Ascend, Livingston, Cisco, USR, etc: SNMP.

There is also a huge contrib section on the MRTG site that includes
most "How Tos" for many terminal servers.


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