Re: [Emerald] Emer_SU.dll

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 14:17:47 -0700

Bernard Andrys wrote:
> Have there been any reports of sucess with the EmerAuth beta or is there a
> newer beta than the one you talked about two weeks ago?

Yes. Several people are using the new beta without an issue. We did
fix the one outstanding issue, which was it looks for the licenses
table only (rather than the liscenses table that Emerald used).

> We tried it and it worked fine for testing but when we put it into
> production it lasted about an hour before failing. Its in a state now where
> users can log in with ServeU using EmerAuth beta and download files. But
> any upload results in "access denied". We have quota's disabled in ServeU
> and we've triple checked the directory permissions. Logging reports nothing
> unusual. Its very strange in that it worked fine for an hour with dozens of
> logins and hundreds file uploads before stopping. Is there any extra
> debugging info that can be turned on to help identify the problem?

I'll pass this on to the developer and see what he needs to
work on it.


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