Re: [Emerald] Programmatically doing single invoices or ...?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 12:01:23 -0700

"S.Tumurbaatar" wrote:
> 1. We have 2 types of a fax/voice service where one is Internet
> faxing for our domain users and 2nd is a domestic faxing
> over our satellite channel. In first case, we're receving a call list
> of user's faxes from the Internet fax forwarder at the end of each month.
> This is a text document containing time and cost of each users faxes
> and we manually (nearly) add them to user bills. In second case,
> our fax server has capability to charge users just after fax was
> processed and its cost can be based on the time or size/pages.
> And now I'm searching a way to integrate these features into the Emerald.
> I dont imagine how to add this services as the Emerald's service types.
> Only thing I've discovered at this moment, is that with a direct accessing
> to Invoice table of the Emerald database, I can add any number of
> special single invoices for a particular user. But I'm afraid that I will
> damage an integrity of the tables becouse I dont know which tables
> are involved in when the single invoice transaction takes place in the
> Emerald. Also I dont know exactly what values are needed for some fields.
> Is there any other way?

You should just add entries to the Charges table for the customer and
they will be rolled into the next bill.

> 2. Currently I've not completed a learning of RFCs for the RADIUS and
> know only that it has a capability to authencticate logins, calculate online
> times and restrict accessing to some TCP/IP ports for an individual users.
> Does RADIUS have capability which can help me to solve a part of above
> problem (1st question) ? Ie may be I can send via RADIUS client some
> instruction which tells to RadiusNT to make some charging action.

You may be able to use a custom RADIUS client to send accounting
stop records to RadiusNT and define a per-minute or rate charge
on the usage for that specific client. This is a lot more complicated
than the first.

> 3. This question results from previous question. Does anyone
> hear or know about any RADIUS client development kit? May be,
> it will help us to link some not RADIUS capable servers to
> the Emerald solution.

There is some example radius client stuff in /misc on our FTP site. Its
a really old login replacement for linux, that probably doesn't work,
but can be used as a reference.


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