[Emerald] Programmatically doing single invoices or ...?

S.Tumurbaatar ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 15:51:05 +0800

Hello all,
I'm first time here, started the Emerald exploring
only several days ago.
Our company is going to move completely
to the Emerald system. Earlier we have several problems
with previous version of the Emerald, so we use
only the RadiusNT capabilities to authenticate and track
call histories. I dont have a knowledge of previos version
the Emerald (I was not involved into a group working on
the company billing solution), but after reading
a new version documentation I found that after several
adjustment the Emerald will answer to our requirements.
So I have a collection of few questions:

1. We have 2 types of a fax/voice service where one is Internet
faxing for our domain users and 2nd is a domestic faxing
over our satellite channel. In first case, we're receving a call list
of user's faxes from the Internet fax forwarder at the end of each month.
This is a text document containing time and cost of each users faxes
and we manually (nearly) add them to user bills. In second case,
our fax server has capability to charge users just after fax was
processed and its cost can be based on the time or size/pages.

And now I'm searching a way to integrate these features into the Emerald.
I dont imagine how to add this services as the Emerald's service types.
Only thing I've discovered at this moment, is that with a direct accessing
to Invoice table of the Emerald database, I can add any number of
special single invoices for a particular user. But I'm afraid that I will
damage an integrity of the tables becouse I dont know which tables
are involved in when the single invoice transaction takes place in the
Emerald. Also I dont know exactly what values are needed for some fields.
Is there any other way?

2. Currently I've not completed a learning of RFCs for the RADIUS and
know only that it has a capability to authencticate logins, calculate online
times and restrict accessing to some TCP/IP ports for an individual users.
Does RADIUS have capability which can help me to solve a part of above
problem (1st question) ? Ie may be I can send via RADIUS client some
instruction which tells to RadiusNT to make some charging action.

3. This question results from previous question. Does anyone
hear or know about any RADIUS client development kit? May be,
it will help us to link some not RADIUS capable servers to
the Emerald solution.

4. Can you send me a list of some MAJOR bugs in version 2.5 if any.

Thanks all,
PS: Dont be surprised at my bad english :(