Re: [Emerald] Programmatically doing single invoices or ...?

Ben Conner ( )
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 08:35:04 -0700

At 03:51 PM 4/17/99 +0800, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>1. We have 2 types of a fax/voice service where one is Internet
>faxing for our domain users and 2nd is a domestic faxing
>over our satellite channel. In first case, we're receving a call list
>of user's faxes from the Internet fax forwarder at the end of each month.
>This is a text document containing time and cost of each users faxes
>and we manually (nearly) add them to user bills. In second case,
>our fax server has capability to charge users just after fax was
>processed and its cost can be based on the time or size/pages.
>And now I'm searching a way to integrate these features into the Emerald.
The most obvious way would be to add rows to the charges table. I assume
you can tie the faxes to a client's userid or MBR #? If so, it would be
fairly simple to import charges to the CHARGES table. These then get
billed on the next invoice you send out and are detailed on the bill itself.

>4. Can you send me a list of some MAJOR bugs in version 2.5 if any.
Depends on how you define 'major'. :) There have been some issues with
credit card customers being changed to invoice (renewal) after batch
exporting. We've been through several mini-releases lately but I believe
the worst is behind us. And the next vsn that comes out should be pretty

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