[Emerald] NEW Old Invoices ????

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 10:30:55 -0400

Running invoices today something strange happened.

Invoices ran fine. But I noticed that some old(paid) invoices showed up
in the unpaid invoice list.
Happened with 2 accounts that I have found.
When I pay or void the OLD invoice the NEW invoice is closed and paid.
I remember that Dale said something about all invoices are marked as paid,
is this the case?
I also notices that all the OLD invoice had a time of 0:00 where the NEW
had the proper time.
How do I get rid of the old, or can I?
Should I just leave them there and waite till the NEW invoice is paid?
If this is the case then I it is very hard to tell who is paid and what
invoice is outstanding.