Re: [Emerald] Extends

Info Desk ( )
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 13:43:16 -0700

If I put the permenant extend at 60 then it will not generate an invoice for
that person at the end of each month. At least this is what the IEA tech
department told me. When I tried to run a batch it would not generate invoices
for everyone. Only those at 30 days. If I want to allow for a person an extra
30 days to pay then I need the temp extend to be 30.

Josh Hillman wrote:

> From: Info Desk <>
> >1) What is the script you would run to make all my users temporary
> >extend 30 days and permenant extend 30 days? Not everyone has the same
> >days entered.
> >
> >2) Since after you post a billing their Temporary extend goes back to
> >"0" what script would I run to change everyone back to 30 days?
> Why worry about the temporary extends if you're wanting to keep extending
> them in the first place. Instead of having a permanent extension of 30 AND
> a temp extension of 30 (that you have to constantly update), why not just
> have a perm extension of 60 and leave the temp extension at zero. The temp
> extension adds to the perm extension rather than overriding it (don't know
> why).
> update masteraccounts
> set overdue = 60
> where overdue < 60
> >3) Where is the best place to run the scripts from?
> ISQL/w
> Josh