Re: [Emerald] Extends

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:27:08 -0400

From: Info Desk <>
>1) What is the script you would run to make all my users temporary
>extend 30 days and permenant extend 30 days? Not everyone has the same
>days entered.
>2) Since after you post a billing their Temporary extend goes back to
>"0" what script would I run to change everyone back to 30 days?

Why worry about the temporary extends if you're wanting to keep extending
them in the first place. Instead of having a permanent extension of 30 AND
a temp extension of 30 (that you have to constantly update), why not just
have a perm extension of 60 and leave the temp extension at zero. The temp
extension adds to the perm extension rather than overriding it (don't know

update masteraccounts
set overdue = 60
where overdue < 60

>3) Where is the best place to run the scripts from?