Re: [Emerald] Need Help with ServerID Problem

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 22:31:06 -0700

RedConnect Admin wrote:
> We are currently trying to get a working 2.5 upgrade on our test
> server.There were a few issues which we have been able to dig through and
> resolve but this last one we need some help with. When we go to Emerald
> admin then to RadiusNT and look at servers they are all there, but when we
> select server ports we recieve the following error:
> SQL Server error:209 Ambiguous Column Name ServerID State=1, Severity=16
> We have tried dropping the server related tables before upgrading in the
> hope that the scripts would recreate the tables and then we would just
> reenter the Server details. This was unsuccessful and we received the same
> error.

This sounds like a bug in the old Emerald 2.1 admin. Are you
using the 2.1 admin or the 2.5 admin?


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