Re: [Emerald] Need Help with ServerID Problem

RedConnect Admin ( (no email) )
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 08:59:43 +1000


The server we are doing the upgrade on was a clean install of all software,
OS (NT4.0 SP4), SQL 6.5, Emerald 2.5 full distribution. Then we put the 2.67
version on to see it would help. We have also re installed a number of
times, 2.1 has never been loaded on this machine

>Dale wrote:

>This sounds like a bug in the old Emerald 2.1 admin. Are you
>using the 2.1 admin or the 2.5 admin?

>>Redadmin wrote:

>> We have tried dropping the server related tables before upgrading in the
>> hope that the scripts would recreate the tables and then we would just
>> reenter the Server details. This was unsuccessful and we received the
>> error.