RE: [Emerald] Invoice next erm

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:35:32 -0500

I have not investigated what cases.. I just know that 99.99% of the time
with 263 when you bring up an MBR and try to "Invoice Next Term" from the
menu it does not work... and hasn't since 227.

I understand that it has been fixed in the upcoming new release.. and has
been proved to work....

I guess it is possible that it may work on NEW databases, but not converted

There was a problem with invoicing 1 more day than the date that had been
input.. and when Dale fixed that, Invoice Next Term broke...

So.. I have been using 227 to invoice next term.. which also does not have a
rounding problem... and all later versions do.

In any event, It will be "water under the bridge" (I hope) with the next