[Emerald] RE: Unpaid Invoices Not Listed in 2.5

RedConnect Admin ( (no email) )
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 10:35:54 +1000

Dale FYI I found the problem it was due to negative outstanding balances.
Unless these are changed to positive amounts either before or after
migration they do not appear as unpaid invoices. The way we have been using
Emerald negative outstanding amounts are common. Removing the negative
symbol on all these values corrected the problem and they now all appear in
2.5 correctly.

Stephen Alderman
Redland Shire Council

RedConnect Admin wrote:

I followed a thread between yourself and Jeff Woods relating to unpaid
invoices in Emerald 2.1 not being visible after migrating to 2.5.
Thereappears to be no solution posted to this list. We are having the same
issue our unpaid invoices on our test 2.5 system do not appear when the show
upaid is selected. The invoices are visible when you veiw all. Has this been
resolved for other customers and could you please indicate what needs to be

Dale Responded:

If you send me connection information to your SQL Server, I'll take
a look at it. I don't know of any issues about unpaid invoices
after an upgrade.