RE: [Emerald] DALE HELP!!!

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:35:27 -0400

> The problem is in 263. I don't believe it was in 261. You
> should be able to get 261 from support, I believe.
> --
> Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT

The problem is in 261. This is the only version that is available for
download at IEA. IEA tech support wouldn't help me unless I was using the
standard version available for download (261).

If you don't run the query:

Update MasterAccounts
Set PayMethod = "Credit Card"
Where CreditCardAutoBill = 1
AND Datalength(CreditCardNumber) >= 13
AND PayPeriod = "Monthly"

after every batch-out, you will have Credit Card customers changed to
Renewal in the database.

261 also screws up the billing of any customers whose credit card declined.
This means you have to manually go through every line in the batch-out text
file so you don't horribly over-bill customers. (It took me a couple of
weeks to find out this bug. By that time, Emerald was trying to charge some
customers $104.65 for 1 month of $14.95 internet access.)

If properly implemented, the Credit-Card to Renewal switch wouldn't be a bad
feature. If a credit card customer's is declined, a paper or email invoice
(different from the normal invoice) could be automatically sent out to let
the customer know that their credit card declined.