[Emerald] Total Emerald database Loss

Franco Nogarin ( (no email) )
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 13:36:55 -0600

Last night, my emerald production server overheated to the point that one of
my drives (In a striped parity set) could no longer be written to. After a
reboot, the SQL server marked my DB as suspect, so I examined the DAT files
and found that my emeralddata.dat file was 0 bytes.

At this point I decided to restore from nightly tape backup. Unfortuantely,
my Seagate backup exec 7.2, was a trial version that someone (me) forgot to
put my new reg codes into after I bought them, so I opened it to find I was
on day 71 of a 60 day trial. Great no backups for the last week or so. So I
put in the reg codes. so now I have to restore from a backup that is over a
week old. at this point I am bashing my head against the wall. So I proceed
to load the old backup by doing the following.

Droping the emerald database and its log and data devices. manually
deleteing the DAT files from the drive.

I then opened emerald admin 2.5.60 and asked it to recreate the database.

While creating the database and populating it with tables,
the create database dialog shows a "Arithmetic overflow occurred." message
but emeradmin still says the db was created successfully.

so from here I attempt to load in my backed up data.

My restore fails due to constraints on the database.

Now I am faced with trying to gracefully remove all constraints from the

does anyone know how I can UN-GRACEFULLY remove all of the constraints so I
can restore my backup and get up and running again?

Any help is a godsend and I would be eternally grateful.

Franco Nogarin
Radius NT 2.5.151
Emerald 2.5.229
SQL 6.5