Re: [Emerald] re: {Emerald] Advice Required

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 20:25:22 -0800

> Gary Wilkinson wrote:
> Thanks for your response, we are currently using IPAC on a Linix box.
> It
> works very well, the only thing is we have to strip the text and place
> it in
> a table to manipulate it. Do know of any other product that would
> better
> suit. Keep in mind we have to use Linix because we are using the
> masquerading on this box as well.
> I believe their is a product called Platypus that may do what we want
> to do, do you know of this product?

We are looking into several current technologies like this that
are strictly hardware based. We are looking for some software
based solutions, like ipac, and will continue to. If you have
other softwars or hardware solutions that you would like us to
look at, please let me know.


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