[Emerald] Billing Problems

Gerald Zebedin ( GZebedin@net4you.net )
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:21:36 +0100

We did the update from 2.1 to the 2.5.229 and then to 2.5.261 and now we are
encountering some very grave errors both in daily business and monthly
renewal and invoice batches:

1. It is impossible to write a manual invoice with more than one item.
Please fix that bug!!!
We also tried out 2.5.269 for the manual invoice problem, but with this
release we get the error "login already exists" when we try to add a new
service to any MBR. (The loginname doesn't exist)

2. Before the update we had quite some charges (e.g. setup fees, DNS-entries
etc.) that were consolidated monthly and put into invoices. Fine.
After the update, we are now trying to do renewal and invoice batches, but
these old charges, that were already invoiced one or two or more months ago,
keep coming back in a very weird way:
The amount of the old charges appears in the "Previous" field and is
DEDUCTED from the current invoice amount, e.g. if the renewal invoice
amounts to 100,- and in January the customer had ordered a CD and was
already billed for 50,- , the new renewal note would only read 50,-

When someone did not have any charges this month, the old charges are put
out as a credit note and in the same batch run marked as "Auto Pay".

3. Charges, that were manually entered to the customer's history were
processed correctly, but the charges that should have occured for e.g.
overtime-use were neither processed nor charged to the invoices at all. BTW
we followed the 3-steps for the new call consolidation procedure as posted
by Dale.

Maybe someone has a clue how to make this work, possibly still this weekend
since we urgently need to get out the new invoices and renewal notes!!

greetings from Austria

Gerald Zebedin

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