Re: [Emerald] Database Maintanence records

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 19:21:18 -0800

david leigh wrote:
> Hi All
> We have seen hundreds of mails about database maintenance over recent days -
> enough to point out that things are not clearly documented enough. May I now
> formally request
> "THE IDIOTS GUIDE TO DATABSE MAINTENANCE" be posted on this list with
> Exactly what and when you are supposed to do things. This would be along the
> lines of
> a) Once a week you must run Update Calls. The current version of Update
> Calls is (x size,date) and can be obtained from....
> b) You should set a number of automatic procedures to do maintanence.
> These are... and should run every...
> c) When doing a Calls consolidate you should expect x time for x
> records, and you should first do a .....
> etc...
> I *KNOW* that this information is covered in hundreds of fragmented places
> throughout months of list posts, but I think the fact that it is still
> generating such huge confusion should be a clear indication to post a very
> detailed step by step guide to maintaining your dataabse.

Emerald 2.5 comes with a script named insttask.sql that contains five
schduled tasks:

1) Weekly Check Database
2) Nightly Database Dump
3) Nightly Log Cleanup
4) Calls Update for Servers
5) Calls Update for Accounts

The first three are vital for maintaing your database, and just run
stored procedures that are also included in the instproc.sql script.
the CheckDatabase proc only does a "DBCC CheckDB(Emerald", I would
replacing the proc with the checkdb.sql script that is much more

The only other thing you should need to do is run the consolidation from
batch and peridically use the Admin to trim your calls table.


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