Re: [Emerald] I need your help!!!! AGAIN!!!

Geoff ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 19:56:14 -0800

Further more you tought this software to be able to support multiple Radius
servers on one Emerald accounting server... What is up with that?
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Subject: Re: [Emerald] I need your help!!!! AGAIN!!!

>> montesite wrote:
>> I have Emerald installed on a computer at our main office. I have my
>> modems at two different locations that are remote. In order to better
>> serve I would like to move the Authentication process off of the Main
>> Emerald server and onto machines at the remote sites. I am allready
>RADIUS is a very small footprint protocol. You are better of by far
>keeping your RADIUS servers local to your SQL Server (RADIUS traffic
>over the WAN) than putting the RADIUS server on the otherside of the
>WAN (SQL traffic over the WAN).
>> replicating to these two sites to backup my Emerald. So, I install
>> Radius at one of the remote sites and tell it to use the replicated
>> emerald for authentication and the Main site emerald for accounting.
>This will not work, and we do not currently support split DSNs with
>> Here is the problem. As soon as I turn Radius on " -x15" it starts
>> flashing stuff by at warp speed. So I hit "control c" It seems to be
>> finding everything stored in cache on the NAS's or something and I get
>> an ODBC error that a duplicate key is being sent to the table
>> "calls". What is going on here? I thought the darn thing would just
>> start authenticating. When I watch it in SQL Trace it shows as a test
>> being sent continuously.
>First, you could have a WAN speed issue that is causing the accounting
>to be too slow. Ascend defaults the Accounting timeout to 1 second,
>which definately would cause problems here. Secondly, you might
>check your query timeout, as it might be causing the test to fail.
>I would really recommend changing back to how you originally had it,
>as that is the recommending configuration.
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