Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5.263 / 2.5.267 - Type mismatch

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 19:18:31 -0800

david leigh wrote:
> Hi Anabel
> I've had the *exact* same problem with Emerald as well. This occured on a
> database that had been set up by IEA and using the 2.5.263 client - with the
> same errors happening on the 2.5.227 client. I have been discussing this
> with IEA over the last weeks but they have gone a bit quiet (hint hint
> guys....waiting for your call or email).
> You might want to go back to the MBR in question and reopen it after
> attempting to create the second sa. Although it doesn't show immediately, if
> you close and then re-open the account window it will now appear there. You
> can delete it at this stage and it goes without complaint.

The problem is associated to adding a SA where the create day of
the MBR is not today. This triggers Emerald to pro-rate for the
MBR, which is what is causing the Type mismatch. This has been
fixed in the upcoming update.


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