RE: [Emerald] CC Billing and 2.5.267

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 23:18:57 -0600


Here is the results...

I billed 85 credit cards....

8 that with Autobill = 0 did not set the account to Renewal
4 that had Autobill = 1 set the account to Renewal
All others had Autobill = 1 and they stayed as Credit Card

I have no reasoning behind the above items... some were new accounts and
some were old accounts...

If you want me to look at anything I will be happy to.. or if you want to
look at the database then let me know...

> Dale,
> I have not gone through all the CCs yet, but it looks like 267 still has a
> problem...
> What it appears that it is doing is no matter what Autobill is set to if a
> previous invoice exists it sets it to Renewal after the CC invoices are
> generated... An account that had no previous invoice is still set to
> Renewal.
> It will take me a little while to go through all the CCs, but I
> will do that
> and give you a summary this evening...

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